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before your shoot . . .

so, youíve booked a shoot for you and your dog!  now what?

here are some tips to help you get ready for the shoot:


* Exercise your dog a few hours before the shoot.  Your dog will be more relaxed if it has burned off some of its energy. donít exercise them right before the shoot or we will have shots with a tongue hanging out or a tired look. 

* Bring treats!  We wonít use them at first, but if we want your dog to perk up and focus in certain directions...the treats will be helpful.

* Avoid bringing someone to the shoot that your pet will fixate on.  If your dog canít concentrate when Gramma is around, or other dogs get her riled up . . . .leave them at home. It will keep her from looking anxious.

* Bring water for you AND your pet.

* It may be helpful to have a friend there to hold leashes and make squeaky noises.

* Work with your dog so that they are attentive off leash. Photos look better without a leash hanging around.

* If you are in the photos with your dog, keep smiling and keep your eyes on us. If the dog isnít looking at us...itís ok...she will eventually. But if youíre worrying about it, she will be looking at me and you will be looking at her!

* Bring a favorite toy chewie or doggie, if you like.

* Tell us what you want. Do you want cutesy?  Do you want formal poses? Are these Christmas cards or are they shots for framing, fun or serious?

* Donít be nervous.  If youíre nervous your dog will be, too.

* For the humans...donít wear plain white.

* Bring powder for shiny faces.

* Avoid highly textured clothing that dog hair will cling to.

OK...thatís it . . . have fun!



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